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Low light Indoor Plants You Can Grow In Your Home 

When you love being around plants and you can’t be around them as you do not have a backyard what you can do is to opt for houseplants, plants that do not need a lot of light can be easily grown inside your house that simply means you can always be around your beloved plants 

Here we have a list of plants that do not require much light – 

  1. Dracaenasanderiana
  2. Chlorophytumcomosum 
  3. Golden Pothos
  4. Ferns
  5. Snake Plant

Dracaena sanderiana is popularly known as lucky bamboo ( let me clarify that it is actually not a part of bamboo family tree chart) and even as ribbon plant, people prefer keeping this beauty on their desk in their office and even on their study tables or work tables in their homes as they catch a lot of attention on such furniture, there is a reason why there is the word “lucky” used in the name people believe that dracaena sanderiana brings a lot of luck in the homes and this is the soul reason why people prefer giving these plants as a present to their close ones. 

Chlorophytum comosum is best known as a spider plant, people feel that it is as easy to grown Chlorophytum comosum as spreading peanut butter on a bread slice, this plant can easily adapt to your surroundings, these plants  can be grown in small pots and baskets, you can even hang this somewhere in your house, for instance in your balcony, the fun fact abt Chlorophytum comosum is that it can survive happily in non-natural light as well which is artificial for a very long period. 

Golden Pothos always acts as if it is not a plant, I m not kidding as this plant can even survive without any time of light, if it gets sunlight it is going to be more than happy but if it does not, it does not care much as it can easily survive in dry places where there is no trace of light and this point I believe is the reason why Golden Pothos is popular among people who do not have a garden and who live in an apartment and other than this Golden Pothos can easily kick the bad air out of your house. 

Ferns can survive in a corner of your home where there is no light but not all ferns can so you might need to take some risk to know about it, from last three million years ferns are there in this beautiful world making it more beautiful. 

Snake plants are one of the species of  sansevieria, if there are going ever be award ceremonies for plants then I’m sure these snake plants would win the award for the best indoor plant, as they can not only survive without light but they are the best when it comes to purifying bad air, these plants actually improve the quality of air inside your house. 

That’s all on the list, plants and trees make our world the best place to live in, we without greenery are only surviving and not living the best life.