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Recipes for Electric Smoker – Turkey

Smoked turkey is a great way to please guests during holidays, it is a great centerpiece and tastes the best of everything. Smoking is a delicious way to prepare a turkey, with its lusciously meaty flavor when paired with spicy seasoning it becomes irresistible. When smoking a turkey, it is not compulsory to buy an expensive electric smoker for turkey, and all the paraphernalia but rather an Electric smoker will suffice. Here the bare bones turkey recipe is being discussed in detail.

The first thing one has to do for this recipe is to thaw the turkey so that it is not frozen and is not frosted and it should be noted that the entire turkey should have been thawed before cooking. After thawing the turkey, it should be thoroughly cleaned and the neck, gizzards and the insides of the turkey should be removed, after removing all these parts the turkey should be washed thoroughly. After cleaning the turkey it should be brined, basically just putting in salt water, it is done to break down the muscles and tenderize the meat of the turkey, leave the turkey brined for at least 12 hours and up to 24 hours after this rinse the turkey thoroughly.

After this the turkey has to be seasoned with the mix of spices of the cook’s choice, it should be noted that dry rub should be used for the inside and wet rub should be used on the outside of the turkey. Then the chrome plated grates of the Electric smoker should be oiled properly so as to stop the turkey from sticking to these grates while it is cooking. Then the electric smoker should be preheated to 225 degrees F. Then the turkey should be placed inside the smoker. Then place water and apple cider vinegar in the water pan at the bottom of the smoker, it should be noted that the water pan should only be filled halfway not more than that, then a drip pan should be placed above the water pan so the juices that drip from the meat do not lower the temperature of the smoker.

The wood chips bowl should be filled appropriately and it should be checked during the time of the smoking of turkey so as to ensure thorough smoking and cooking of the turkey. Then the wings of the turkey should be tightly tucked beneath the turkey in such a way that the wings do not escape whilst cooking. The entire time of the smoking of the turkey is approximately five to six hours and the usually the turkey should be smoked for thirty to forty minutes in one go after that a little break.

The temperature of the turkey should be checked every hour using a meat thermometer and the thermometer should be inserted properly in the meat so that only the surface temperature of the turkey is not checked. This process should be repeated until the temperature inside of the turkey reaches to a crisp 160 to 165 degree F.

The electric smoker should be checked for a smoke every hour for smoke, if smoke is absent within the smoker more wood chips should be added to the chip bowl of the Electric Smoker. Also, a combination of different chips can be used to attain a different smoky flavor. After the turkey is cooked it should be allowed to settle for a minimum of one hour so that the juices and the smoky flavor of the turkey seep to the inside of the meat. After this, the turkey is ready to be carved and served. …

3 Flat Top Grill Recipes You Should Try!!

Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich

1. 1 large onion (finely chopped)
2. 4-5 mushrooms (sliced)
3. 4 tbsp. Cooking oil
4. Cheddar cheese sauce
5. 4 hoagie rolls
6. 2 lbs. Ribeye steak (thinly sliced)
7. 1 green bell pepper (chopped)
8. 1 red bell pepper (chopped)
9. 4 tbsp. Butter
10. 2 Tsp. Pepper
11. Salt as per taste

1. Preheat the flat top grill to medium heat. (Note: I have used a camp chef for these recipes, if you are looking for a flat top grill for yourself, check out
2. Take about 3 tbsp. Oil on the griddle and saute the onions for about 5 minutes. Add and yet again saute the bell peppers and mushrooms for 5 minutes.
3. Once the vegetables are cooked, add pepper and salt to season them. Keep them aside for further use.
4. Heat about 1 tbsp. Of oil and add steak to it. Using table salt and pepper, season the steak and grill for 2 minutes on each side.
5. Once the steak is done, add vegetable and cheddar cheese sauce to it and mix it well.
6. Cut the hoagie roll lengthwise such that it can be open to double its width and butter the inside.
7. Place them on the grill and facing down until they become golden brown and crispy.
8. Once the rolls are done, place the steak on the rolls and press the ends of the rolls together so as to make a sandwich.
Garnish with onions, mushrooms and cheese sauce.

Green Beans with Mushrooms

1. 250-300g fresh green beans (ends cut off)
2. 4 Tbsp. Butter
3. 8-10 medium sized mushrooms (finely sliced)
4. Salt to taste
5. 1 Tsp. Pepper
6. Red, green and yellow bell pepper (chopped)

1. Preheat the grill to medium heat
2. Place the butter on the griddle and add the green beans right after the butter is melted.
3. Mix the beans well with the butter using a mixing spatula and after 5 minutes, add the bell peppers.
4. About 10 minutes later, when the vegetables become soft, add the mushrooms and mix all the ingredients well.
5. You can choose to add pepper and table salt as per taste and cook until all the vegetables are done.

Reuben Panini

1. Rye bread
2. 2 Tbsp. Butter
3. Corned beef (Thinly sliced)
4. 1/4 cup Sauerkraut
5. Swiss cheese
6. 1/2 cup mayonnaise
7. 2 tbsp. Chilli sauce
8. 2 tsp. Horseradish
9. 2 Tsp. Pickle relish

1. Preheat the flat grill to medium flame and place the sauerkraut in a strainer so as to drain it.
2. Take a shallow bowl and mix mayonnaise, chilli sauce, horseradish and relish and keep aside for further use.
3. Butter the rye bread and apply 1 tbsp. Of sauce prepared in step 2 on each slice.
4. Place the corned beef one slice of the bread followed by drained sauerkraut and a slice of swiss cheese.
5. Cover with the second slice of the bread to make a sandwich and keep it on the grill.
6. Press the sandwich with a spatula or a press (anything heavy eg. Skillet) until it’s golden brown on the outside on each side and the cheese is completely melted.
Serve with additional sauce.…

Low light Indoor Plants You Can Grow In Your Home 

When you love being around plants and you can’t be around them as you do not have a backyard what you can do is to opt for houseplants, plants that do not need a lot of light can be easily grown inside your house that simply means you can always be around your beloved plants 

Here we have a list of plants that do not require much light – 

  1. Dracaenasanderiana
  2. Chlorophytumcomosum 
  3. Golden Pothos
  4. Ferns
  5. Snake Plant

Dracaena sanderiana is popularly known as lucky bamboo ( let me clarify that it is actually not a part of bamboo family tree chart) and even as ribbon plant, people prefer keeping this beauty on their desk in their office and even on their study tables or work tables in their homes as they catch a lot of attention on such furniture, there is a reason why there is the word “lucky” used in the name people believe that dracaena sanderiana brings a lot of luck in the homes and this is the soul reason why people prefer giving these plants as a present to their close ones. 

Chlorophytum comosum is best known as a spider plant, people feel that it is as easy to grown Chlorophytum comosum as spreading peanut butter on a bread slice, this plant can easily adapt to your surroundings, these plants  can be grown in small pots and baskets, you can even hang this somewhere in your house, for instance in your balcony, the fun fact abt Chlorophytum comosum is that it can survive happily in non-natural light as well which is artificial for a very long period. 

Golden Pothos always acts as if it is not a plant, I m not kidding as this plant can even survive without any time of light, if it gets sunlight it is going to be more than happy but if it does not, it does not care much as it can easily survive in dry places where there is no trace of light and this point I believe is the reason why Golden Pothos is popular among people who do not have a garden and who live in an apartment and other than this Golden Pothos can easily kick the bad air out of your house. 

Ferns can survive in a corner of your home where there is no light but not all ferns can so you might need to take some risk to know about it, from last three million years ferns are there in this beautiful world making it more beautiful. 

Snake plants are one of the species of  sansevieria, if there are going ever be award ceremonies for plants then I’m sure these snake plants would win the award for the best indoor plant, as they can not only survive without light but they are the best when it comes to purifying bad air, these plants actually improve the quality of air inside your house. 

That’s all on the list, plants and trees make our world the best place to live in, we without greenery are only surviving and not living the best life. 

Decor Ideas For Small Balcony 

During spring people love sitting in their gardens and enjoying the view but what about the owners of apartments?  they can’t have a lavish backyard or a garden on their roof what they can have is a small balcony and when I say balcony what comes to your mind is a very small area where there is barely any space but you know what this article is about? it is about the facts why we should not underestimate the power and the beauty of a balcony 

Let’s see what we can do with our balconies, time to do some transformations.  

There are numerous balconies in this world and all of them have different sizes what you can do is buy a bench or two according to the size of your balcony, buy some nice cushions and some comfy mates for the benches, buy some beautiful flowers, like this you can have your own small resting place with a beautiful view or a resting place where you can enjoy your cup of coffee and the weather. 

Other than this you can purchase a sofa for the balcony basically of L-shape and some rugs and mini tables, mini tables result in enhancement of the beauty and there is still some space you can arrange for a shelf where you can keep some nice small flower pots, with of course flowers in them 

If you really do not wish to buy an L-shaped sofa or if the size of your balcony is really not allowing you to then what you can do is buy some nice cushions and crates and with them by piling them you can make a nice sitting place for yourself, we do not always need materialistic things to enhance the beauty of anything. 

If you have some extra space then you can have a decor of the planet, you can have some plantings of the bamboos basically here I m talking about a set of bistro 

Other than this you can give a garden sort of feel to your balcony even if it is small you can buy two wooden chairs and some plants, not the huge ones because you do not have that much space, the chairs made up of wood would give your balcony a nice natural look with numerous small plants 

If you have more space vertically then what you can do is have a bench basically not a bench as there is no space horizontally what I mean is you can have a small bench which is normally termed as a chest 

If you do not have space to move then you can open the doors of your balcony is the opposite direction of how you open them normally and stuff your balcony with beautiful plants. 

That’s all, it does not depend on the size of your balcony it depends on how creative you are ready to be in order to make your balcony look beautiful it all depends on the creativity. 

Spicy Chickpeas Shasuka 

This recipe is the one people prefer making during festivals as this spicy recipe is full of ingredients that have a lot of energy and it is even super easy and super fast to make, about thirty minutes is all that you need to make this dish. 

People usually eat it in the morning as it keeps them going for the entire day without feeling tired, shakshuka is actually very popular in the eastern side of the globe and people preserving it in the skillet (hot) only   

The name of the dish makes people curious basically it has a lot of tomato sauce and some eggs, poached, and for that matter, some people feel that it is similar to the Italian style eggs that are made in purgatory, this recipe requires some ingredients and some staples from the pantry, the ingredients used in is recipe require to be highly fresh. 

This recipe is no usual chickpea recipe as we are going to add different types of sauces and when I say different types of sauces I even mean green sauce ( preferably Tabasco) as it is going to go amazingly with this recipe we are not going for the classic green sauce as this one is mild in nature when compared to the classic one, this sauce is going to give you a nice spicy, delicious kick start to your day. 

let’s make it 

 first of all, let’s see what all we need for making it 


  1. olive oil ( preferably the extra virgin one ) 
  2. chopped onions( preferably red ones) 
  3. Minced cloves of garlic
  4. paprika
  5. cumin
  6. green sauce 
  7. drained chickpeas 
  8. handful basil (fresh) 
  9. tomatoes( plum ones) 
  10. eggs

Steps –  

  • first of all like you always do before cooking pre-heat your oven after heating take a large-sized bowl and add plum tomatoes to it, wear gloves and squeeze these tomatoes using your palm and fingers, this will create a nice thick puree, once you are done with it, keep it aside,
  • now on the medium level of heat, you need to heat your skillet, before heating it make sure it is oven-proof after heating add oil to the skillet
  • once it is at the right temperature add onion and pepper after five long minutes you need to add paprika, cumin and garlic now after thirty seconds add the tomatoes, reduce the level of heat to the lowest level, place the lid on the top of the skillet and let it cook for another eight minutes but after four minutes of cooking you need to add chickpeas to it
  • then continue cooking for another four minutes to make full eight minutes, if in between you think that the mixture is too dry you can add some juice of tomatoes
  • when everything starts to seem perfect you need to add pepper and salt according to your taste buds, stir well and while stir add basil 
  • now pick up a spoon as now you are going to make a well at the edge as you need to directly break some eggs, if you are making 4 wells then you need to break four eggs separately, add some pepper and salt on the eggs again according to your taste buds,
  • now its time to transfer your pan to your oven and now you again need to cook it for about another eight minutes, makes use that the yolk of the eggs is not cooked completely, the yolks need to be runny 
  •  after eight long minutes take the pan out sprinkle some basil on the top and serve 

Cheesecake Egg Rolls 

When I was a kid McDonald’s use to make some pies and now when I look at this recipe it’s all nostalgic and what I feel is that this recipe can be the baby of that pie if anyhow the wife of that pie was a cake of cheese, here I’m just talking about a fusion recipe.

Here are some things that you are going to require to make this recipe, below is a list of ingredients and if you have any of these then you for sure need to go grocery shopping and you do not need to worry as all of the ingredients mentioned in the list are common and that’s why you can easily find them in any nearby grocery stores. 

The list of Ingredients – 

  • Rind of lemon 
  • Brown sugar 
  • Lime juice 
  • One full can of filling of pie (cherry flavor) 
  • About eight rolls of egg wrappers 
  • Soft cheese cream 
  • Olive oil 

Other than these ingredients you are going to need a medium-sized bowl, a medium-sized deep pan, some Ziploc bags and some water. let’s get started with the cooking  

  • The very first step is to take a medium-sized bowl and in that bowl, you are supposed to add some cheese cream make sure that the cream is soft and not hard now for better results w are going to mix things one by one, after adding cream add rind and then mix both the rind and the cream together make sure that you are mixing well after mixing add some brown sugar and again mix and now add the last thing, lime juice after adding lime juice mix this mixture for the last time, mixing for this recipe is very important as it is going to give it a smooth texture, once you feel that the texture is smooth stop mixing. 
  • Now take a Ziploc bag and use a spoon to transfer this mixture to the Ziploc bag and at the end of this step you need to cut the corner of your Ziploc bag, use a scissor for this. 
  • Time to take out the wrappers, lay them out, make sure that one point of the wrappers is pointing straightly towards you after lay all the wrappers in the right way spread some mixture that we just made, after spreading the mixture add some cherries 
  • Use some water on the edges of your wrappers and then roll them, use some water again to seal the wrappers, keep the rolls aside for a while after four minutes( the reason behind making you wait for four minutes is to make sure that the water that you use to seal these rolls is no more there, it drys up), place your pan on your stove, turn the flames on and after sixty seconds add oil, when you feel that the oil has reached the right temperature start frying your rolls, make sure you serve these when hot.  




Recipe Of The Beloved Masala Peanut Chaat 

Ingredients needed  

  • Peanuts 
  • Some onions 
  • Some tomatoes 
  • Coriander, finely chopped 
  • Chili red powder 
  • Masala 
  • Olive oil 


  1. First of all, you need peanuts and then you need to roast them and if you have no idea about you must roast them then I can help you 
  2. If you have a stove then you need a pan for this, what you need to do is place your pan on your stove and turn it on, once it is on   add as many peanuts as you want to roast and make sure that you have set your induction or your stove on low heat, if you are thinking why low level of heat then let me answer this question for you if anyone is planning to roast his or her favorite peanuts on high level of heat then my dear friend you might not be able to make this chaat as roasting peanuts on high flames results in burnt peanuts and I m pretty sure that you do not wish for that, coming back to roasting on low flames, the benift of slow cooking is that your food does not end up as burnt inside it makes sure that your food is evenly roasted or cooked. 
  3. If you have an oven then the first thing that you need to do is heat it in advance at about 180 degrees after heating it take a tray which you can use in your oven and then place your peanuts on it, now once you are done with spreading peanuts place your tray with peanuts in your oven and set the timer of your oven at seven minutes and then press the start button while the peanuts are being baked you can check the list of ingredients and if anything is missing you can arange for it after seven long minutes take the tray out and stir after stirring place it back in oven and set the timer for about five minutes this time, you are for sure going to notice the change in color and once you notice change you will understand that the baking is done properly and evely coming back to the main recipe these peanuts need to be at room temperature before proceding to the recipe 
  4. Now what you need to do while the peanuts are cooling is down is to chop tomatoes and onions, you need to make sure that tomatoes are deseeded and onions are chopped finely. after chopping the onions and the tomatoes you need to heat your pan, after heating it you are required to add vegetable or olive oil to the pan, you need to heat oil and once you feel that it is hot enough then you are required to turn the stove or induction off after turn it off add some powder of red chillies and some masala of chaat. 
  5. After this you need to use some seed and add your roasted peanuts to the pan and mix them well after mixing transfer these peanuts to a medium size bowl and in that make bowl add some chopped tomatoes, onions, coriander and again after adding all these mix them well after mixing you need to squeeze some lemon on the top and then again mix after mixing add some salt and some more masala. That’s all for this recipe.