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Recipes for Electric Smoker – Turkey

Smoked turkey is a great way to please guests during holidays, it is a great centerpiece and tastes the best of everything. Smoking is a delicious way to prepare a turkey, with its lusciously meaty flavor when paired with spicy seasoning it becomes irresistible. When smoking a turkey, it is not compulsory to buy an expensive electric smoker for turkey, and all the paraphernalia but rather an Electric smoker will suffice. Here the bare bones turkey recipe is being discussed in detail.

The first thing one has to do for this recipe is to thaw the turkey so that it is not frozen and is not frosted and it should be noted that the entire turkey should have been thawed before cooking. After thawing the turkey, it should be thoroughly cleaned and the neck, gizzards and the insides of the turkey should be removed, after removing all these parts the turkey should be washed thoroughly. After cleaning the turkey it should be brined, basically just putting in salt water, it is done to break down the muscles and tenderize the meat of the turkey, leave the turkey brined for at least 12 hours and up to 24 hours after this rinse the turkey thoroughly.

After this the turkey has to be seasoned with the mix of spices of the cook’s choice, it should be noted that dry rub should be used for the inside and wet rub should be used on the outside of the turkey. Then the chrome plated grates of the Electric smoker should be oiled properly so as to stop the turkey from sticking to these grates while it is cooking. Then the electric smoker should be preheated to 225 degrees F. Then the turkey should be placed inside the smoker. Then place water and apple cider vinegar in the water pan at the bottom of the smoker, it should be noted that the water pan should only be filled halfway not more than that, then a drip pan should be placed above the water pan so the juices that drip from the meat do not lower the temperature of the smoker.

The wood chips bowl should be filled appropriately and it should be checked during the time of the smoking of turkey so as to ensure thorough smoking and cooking of the turkey. Then the wings of the turkey should be tightly tucked beneath the turkey in such a way that the wings do not escape whilst cooking. The entire time of the smoking of the turkey is approximately five to six hours and the usually the turkey should be smoked for thirty to forty minutes in one go after that a little break.

The temperature of the turkey should be checked every hour using a meat thermometer and the thermometer should be inserted properly in the meat so that only the surface temperature of the turkey is not checked. This process should be repeated until the temperature inside of the turkey reaches to a crisp 160 to 165 degree F.

The electric smoker should be checked for a smoke every hour for smoke, if smoke is absent within the smoker more wood chips should be added to the chip bowl of the Electric Smoker. Also, a combination of different chips can be used to attain a different smoky flavor. After the turkey is cooked it should be allowed to settle for a minimum of one hour so that the juices and the smoky flavor of the turkey seep to the inside of the meat. After this, the turkey is ready to be carved and served. …